BioGenetics Lab, Inc

DNA & Protein Genotype Profiling Service

Warranty & Limited Liability

Proficiency and Validation.

Biogenetic Services, Inc. routinely participates in proficiency and validation tests conducted by USDA/GIPSA, USDA/APHIS, ISTA, AOCS, and several private companies.

Warranty & Liability Limitations.

All analyses reported by BioGenetics Lab, Inc. are based on a representative sample provided by our customers. Therefore, the results provided are representative only of the sample analyzed at a particular point in time. BSL makes no warranties, expressed or implied including warranty of ability to market a commodity or product based on analytical results provided by BGL. Liability for damage for any cause, including breach of contract, breach of warranty and negligence with respect to a test result is limited to a refund of the price of testing the sample. This remedy is exclusive and in no event shall BGL or any of its employees be held liable for any incidental or consequential damages including loss of sale or profits by our customers or their clients.