BioGenetics Lab, Inc

DNA & Protein Genotype Profiling Service


The Science Behind BioGenetics Lab.

The information provided by BGL includes inbred purity analyses, single and multicross hybrid purity and hybridity analyses, early generation analyses, genotyping (fingerprinting), and population (including multicross hybrids) analyses, fertility analyses, pest diagnostics and GMO and non-GMO DNA analyses and transgenic (event) analyses. Other types of analyses also are possible and will be provided as needed by our customers.

Plant & Animal Applications of Molecular Marker Technology.

Production Quality Assurance:

  • Inbred and Hybrid Purity Testing
  • Inbred Maintenance (Purification)
  • Variety (Inbred or Hybrid) Identification
  • GMO & non-GMO Testing

Genotyping, Fingerprinting & Profiling:

  • Marker Discovery & Utilization
  • Germplasm Characterization
  • Plant Variety Identification
  • Plant Parentage Testing
  • Plant Variety Protection
  • Animal Parentage Testing
  • Animal Identification & Protection
  • Plant Diagnostics
  • Genetic Labeling
  • Inbred Line Development
  • Inbred Integrity (Homozygosity)
  • Transgenic (Event) Testing
  • Pest Diagnostics

Marker Facilitated Breeding:

  • Gene Mapping
  • Linkage to Single-Gene Traits (QTL)
  • Linkage to Multi-Gene Traits (QTL)
  • Marker Facilitated Selection
  • Marker Facilitated Backcrossing
  • Cytoplasmic Identity
  • Fertility (RFLP and PCR Methods) Testing
  • Transgenic (Event) Testing

GMO / Non-GMO Verification:

  • Seed & Grain Lot Analyses
  • GMO & nonGMO Verification using promoter
  • Population / Progeny Analyses
  • Zygosity Testing