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Animal Genotyping

About DNA Genotype Assays of Animals.

BioGenetics Lab uses PCR/SSR, EST, SNP and RFLP based methods to fingerprint (genotype) individuals. The genotypic information is used for animal identification, paternity analysis, and forensic analysis. The genotype information is also useful for tracing specific animals to finished meat products, pedigree analysis, selection and breeding programs, animal registration and protection of proprietary property.

Application of DNA Animal Identity Analyses.

  • Establish an appropriate multilocus genotype to identify each individual animal.
  • Determine susceptibility to disease such as scrapie in sheep and BSE (Mad Cow Disease) in cattle.
  • Establish DNA pedigrees for use in long term genetic improvement programs.
  • Resolve pedigree and ownership disputes.
  • Trace animal commodities and products from source to packaged food product on the shelf.
  • Confirm parentage (paternity/maternity) and verify sires in out of sight matings or multi-sire situations.
  • Insure maximum value by purebred or specific commodity and/or product verification.
  • Establish mult-ilocus genotype databases for use in forensic investigations and tracing animals and products.

BioGenetics Lab provides short and long term storage (archiving) of DNA, whole blood, dried blood (FTA blood cards preferred), semen and other types of tissue samples. The samples are archived in anticipation of additional future testing. Animal species that can currently be analyzed (genotyped, fingerprinted, profiled) using DNA markers (RFLP, PCR/SSR/EST/SNP).