BioGenetics Lab, Inc

DNA & Protein Genotype Profiling Service


Trusted Genotype Testing Service Provider

BioGenetics Lab, Inc (BGL) is a well-established, full-service DNA profiling lab in Los Angeles, California. We are now celebrating our 20th year anniversary providing local DNA & protein profiling services to well over 700 businesses and individuals around the United States & Canada. We specialize in analyzing the purity, lineage, paternity or genotype of many commercial plant & animal species.

The services we provide help our clients assure their customers all products tested and verified by BGL are 100% authentic “as described” commodities. All samples tested by BioGenetics Lab are given a unique seal of approval on packaging and clients undergo yearly renewal quality-assurance audits.

Customers can locate verified businesses or individuals directly on our website to Verify the authenticity status of commodities they purchase. Each of our clients is given a unique code for their customers to check status & testing result scores.